Referring Providers

As fellow healthcare workers, we understand that your patient’s care is your top priority. We also believe that by referring to us, you have placed your trust in our medical care and expect great outcomes.

We have developed a list of considerations all physicians should keep in mind when referring patients to Orthosport Physical Therapy.

  • Ensure the clinic has a specific reporting plan to communicate your patient’s progress and discuss the clinic treatment approach.
  • Your patient’s care will be provided by certified and licensed physical therapists with meaningful credentials [i.e., OCS (orthopedics board certification), COMT (orthopedic manual therapy), etc.]
  • Develop a relationship with a physical therapist who can be an extension of your practice. For example, if you are seeing and increase in headache or low back pain, find a physical therapist that specializes in these practices and you can trust to provide continuity of care.
  • The facility your patients going to have latest treatment approach and exceptional customer service.

Orthosport Physical therapy thanks you for trusting us with your patients physical therapy needs. We value collaborating with you on specific rehabilitation protocols for your patients and want to make it easy for you to reach us anytime. You can call us at 310 8379700 or contact us via email [email protected]

For Physicians