Are you losing flexibility or power during your golf swing?
Do you feel any tightness or pain when playing golf?
Do you experience any stiffness following playing golf?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you!



Why is ORTHOGOLF Important?

  • Most golfers experience some type of injury in their lifetime as a result of poor conditioning, loss of flexibility, or less of strength.
  • Many swing faults are due to tight tissue and stiff joints. Stretching of these tight muscles and stiff joints can correct swing problems.
  • Many golfers use swings that place excess strain on their backs and they are UNAWARE of what they are doing or how to correct it.

With ORTHOGOLF You Will Get:

  • HANDS-ON physical therapy techniques used to increase strength and flexibility, performed by a LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST.
  • Relieve back pain and other injuries sustained as a result of golf.
  • Improve the golf swing motion by increasing flexibility and strength.
  • Individualized performance program specific to your needs and your fitness level.

New patients are able to make appointments within 24 hours, we strive to have no wait times for all of our patients once in our clinic. Contact us today.